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Flee The Beast Pro for Android

Flee The Beast Pro for Android 1.0

One of the most unique games you will find in the Play Store. Traverse the map and collect as many gems as you can find, but beware of the three monsters roaming the m...

$1.99 · 2014-11-21 · 14M · $1.99
Orbits for Android

Orbits for Android 1.1

Orbits is a game about rockets.The aim of the game is to get as many rockets into a stable orbit around the planet as possible.To fire your rockets thrusters, press an...

FREE · 2015-02-12 · 34M · 1 - 5 FREE
Bubble Crush for Android

Bubble Crush for Android 1.0

Download now for free Bubble Crush!!Each level is different , you can create all ?*Completely free no in- game purchases!!*Now with Music by Circle Of Alchemists!!

FREE · 2015-02-09 · 45M · 10 - 50 FREE
Space Defender for Android

Space Defender for Android 1.0

Free the universe from hostile invaders and destroy you.Show all what you can and try to get as far as it goes.What level you reach ?!

FREE · 2015-01-26 · 22M · 1 - 5 FREE
Super Legend of Flynn 64 for Android

Super Legend of Flynn 64 for Android 1.2

Super Legend of Flynn 64:A Little Video Game HeroStart your quest to become a hero of game!A game of fantasy, action, rpg, fully 3D platformGet swords, armor, magic an...

$1.59 · 2015-02-21 · 122M · 10 - 50 $1.59
Commandos Swoop for Android

Commandos Swoop for Android 1.0

Commando Assault * You take on the role of a Commando. Get ready for a adventure ! * Your task is move character with touch on screen avoid the traps full of danger ....

FREE · 2015-02-13 · 16M · 5 - 10 FREE
Platform Joe Jump Cat for Android

Platform Joe Jump Cat for Android 1.0

Help Joe Jump Cat to complete his journey.On his path he will encounter enemies.Make him jump on their heads to neutralize them.Collect coins and keys to open the door...

FREE · 2015-02-14 · 4.6M · 1 - 5 FREE
Cold Cullen for Android

Cold Cullen for Android 1.4

Don't let anything stop your run through the endless halls of the M.S.Cullen. It is not going to be easy, as you have an infinite freezing snowman-army against yo...

FREE · 2015-02-13 · 46M · 50 - 100 FREE
Nini Game HD for Android

Nini Game HD for Android 1.0

Help granny Nini to catch the thief in the neighbourhood, and become the hero of the day!How to Play :☆ Catch the sneaky thief!☆ Swipe to move Nini to desired directio...

$1.18 · 2015-02-13 · 24M · 1 - 5 $1.18
Jet Turbo Fly for Android

Jet Turbo Fly for Android 1.0.5

Jet Turbo Fly is an amazing flying racing game on Android!You’ll be impressed by the 2D scenes and delicate robots!Just drive the flying robot to move along the street...

FREE · 2015-02-09 · 6.7M · 50 - 100 FREE
Hercules for Android

Hercules for Android 1.1

- Game giải trí nhẹ nhàng, cách chơi đơn giản.- Có 3 mode chơi:+ SHORT MODE: có 12 hành tinh+ LONG MODE: có 36 hành tinh+ ENDLESS MODE: không giới hạn số hành tinh, t...

FREE · 2015-02-26 · 13M · 5 - 10 FREE
Valentine Crisis for Android

Valentine Crisis for Android 1.2

Crazy Valentine's Day shooting game.Help Cupid to shoot all hearts, but don't hit the Stork!!

FREE · 2015-02-13 · 11M · 10 - 50 FREE
Jumpy Skateboard Girl for Android

Jumpy Skateboard Girl for Android 1.0

Fashion meets skating in this fun little game! Tap the screen to jump over lipsticks and try to collect new clothes. Enjoy original and new dance music track!

FREE · 2015-02-13 · 18M · 10 - 50 FREE
Floaty Plane for Android

Floaty Plane for Android 1.1

Fly the diving paper plane as far as you can in this COMPLETELY UNIQUE addictive endless game!Tap left and right to dodge the obstacles - each one you avoid gives you ...

FREE · 2015-02-14 · 4.9M · 50 - 100 FREE
Perpetual Pipeline for Android

Perpetual Pipeline for Android 2.1

Perpetual Pipeline is an randomly generated infinite runner where you play as a star ship shooting down a pipeline where you must dodge all obstacles at high speeds in...

FREE · 2015-01-18 · 233M · 10 - 50 FREE