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Vector Wars for Android

Vector Wars for Android 1.0

Welcome to Vector Wars!This game features a custom virtual dual-joystick control scheme to blast away enemies and guide your ship to a new high score! It also features...

FREE · 2015-02-11 · 15M · 10 - 50 FREE
Crazy Bike!!! for Android

Crazy Bike!!! for Android 1.0

Crazy Bike!!!■ How to Play:Tap the screen to jump.Tap 2 times to jump higher and farther.■ Rules:It is game over if your bicycle hits the ceiling or crash in to a obst...

FREE · 2015-02-14 · 17M · 5 - 10 FREE
Hole In The Road for Android

Hole In The Road for Android 1.12

Hole In The Road is a challenging 2d car driving game.Your goal is to avoid holes that will appear on the road.The problem is that the car will be accelerating over ti...

FREE · 2014-08-25 · 12M · 10 - 50 FREE
ワンダーキューピッドZERO for Android

ワンダーキューピッドZERO for Android 1.01


FREE · 2015-02-23 · 12M · 5 - 10 FREE
Lambda Zero for Android

Lambda Zero for Android 1.0

Lambda Zero is an Asteroids inspired arcade game. Choose between four levels of difficulty and play each time a different randomly selected level! Destroy the asteroid...

FREE · 2015-02-02 · 30M · 1 - 5 FREE
Bit Birds for Android

Bit Birds for Android 1.4.2

Addictive Arcade Retro Style Game - Try to evade all obstacles and fly with your Bird as far as possible in one of 3 Game Modes: Classic - Special - Xtreme! Simple and...

$1.03 · 2015-02-05 · 11M · $1.03
Bubblex Mania 3 for Android

Bubblex Mania 3 for Android 1.0.3

There are too many coloured bubbles in the ocean! Jellyfish Maggie Twingle is on a popping quest to pop them all! As she swims through the bubbly worlds, she meets ol...

FREE · 2015-02-17 · 6.3M · 50 - 100 FREE
Loopy BoxRun for Android

Loopy BoxRun for Android 2.0

Help Loopy battle his way through a world dominated by Boxes. Defeat Bosses to advance further into this endless platformer5 Worlds, 50+ Levels & endless possibili...

FREE · 2015-02-21 · 13M · 10 - 50 FREE
Snake PLUS for Android

Snake PLUS for Android 1.1.2

The classic Snake game - now even betterMultiple Input methods:- Keys- Touchfield- Keys Up/Down- Volume Keys- Better score system: The game is now even more exciting, ...

FREE · 2015-02-24 · 2.7M · 10 - 50 FREE
Dieudo Jump 2 for Android

Dieudo Jump 2 for Android 1.0.0

This game was inspired by Doodle Jump! Unless you control the character of "filthy beast" inspired by Dieudonné; tried to go as high as possible for maximum ...

FREE · 2015-02-20 · 4.9M · 100 - 500 FREE
Frog Boy for Android

Frog Boy for Android 1.0

Run and jump your way across islands as Frog Boy!Tap the screen to jump and tilt left and right to move. Try not to fall!Share with your friends and see who can cross ...

FREE · 2015-02-13 · 6.2M · 10 - 50 FREE
Amazing Spider Boy Runner for Android

Amazing Spider Boy Runner for Android 1.2

Get ready for intense running action with The Amazing Spider Boy Runner! This is the Best Running game, depends on your great and fast reflection when you go run on th...

FREE · 2015-02-18 · 2.8M · 500 - 1,000 FREE
Nyam Nyam for Android

Nyam Nyam for Android 1.0

Nyam is a cute animal and very hungry, but he is too young to feed by himself, will you help him?Join Nyam and transform into candy whoever is before you. It's tim...

FREE · 2015-02-25 · 11M · 1 - 5 FREE
Galactic Shooter for Android

Galactic Shooter for Android 1.3

Galactic Shooter: The Space InvaderThis game was inspired by a classic retro games with amazing 3D graphics. Fun and addictive game for you to enjoy!- Global Leaderboa...

FREE · 2014-07-30 · 11M · 50 - 100 FREE
Evil Star for Android

Evil Star for Android 1.0

Evil Star is a game to send the evil stars to the prison. Your mission is to ensure that they can't leave the prison.In the game, the white stars (enemies) try to ...

FREE · 2015-02-22 · 532k · 10 - 50 FREE