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ithlete -Train.Recover.Perform for Android

ithlete -Train.Recover.Perform for Android Varies with device

Know when to train, how hard to train & when to rest in order to optimise health & fitness.Make your training safer and more effective by using the ithlete...

$9.99 · 2014-10-03 · Varies with device · 1,000 - 5,000 $9.99
Elite HRV for Android

Elite HRV for Android 1.2.1

Elite HRV uses advanced Heart Rate Variability algorithms and individualized trending to help you maximize athletic performance and minimize bad stress all at the same...

FREE · 2014-11-21 · 1.9M · 1,000 - 5,000 FREE
Bioforce HRV for Android

Bioforce HRV for Android 2.1

BioForce HRV is a revolutionary and simple way to measure your readiness to train on a daily basis in order to eliminate the guesswork and maximize the results of your...

FREE · 2014-04-01 · 831k · 5,000 - 10,000 FREE
Heart Rate Variability for Android

Heart Rate Variability for Android 3.02

It is generally assumed that heart rate is fairly constant, becoming gradually elevated during periods of exertion then reducing during rest.The time period between...

FREE · 2014-01-20 · 334k · 5,000 - 10,000 FREE
Lepo for Android

Lepo for Android 0.7.7

Lepo measures the stress level of your autonomic nervous system by analyzing heart rate variability (HRV) in your resting heart rate. You can optionally choose to meas...

FREE · 2014-04-25 · 781k · 500 - 1,000 FREE
Mobicardio for Android

Mobicardio for Android 1.1.8

Got a Polar Bluetooth Heart rate monitor ? This application enables real-time visualisation and streaming of your pulse (instantaneous value), heart rate variabil...

FREE · 2011-12-13 · 1.2M · 5,000 - 10,000 FREE
Heart Rate Variability - Pro for Android

Heart Rate Variability - Pro for Android 3.02

HRVpro has all the features of the free version and is greatly enhanced by the following:-- Real time display of LF/HF- Enhanced ectopic beat elimination- A...

$9.73 · 2014-01-20 · 337k · 100 - 500 $9.73
Heart Rate Variability -xt for Android

Heart Rate Variability -xt for Android 1.0

Introducing an incredibly powerful HRV analysis tool for smartphones.HRVxt is a Bluetooth 4.0 enabled app that has immense power and flexibility enabling previousl...

FREE · 2014-06-30 · 294k · 500 - 1,000 FREE
cardio scan PRO for Android

cardio scan PRO for Android 1.1.1

With cardio scan app you can get an overview of cardiovascular parameter, fast and very easy.The present app determines continuously the heart beat and heart rate ...

$0.99 · 2014-01-28 · 276k · 100 - 500 $0.99
StressViewer(Heartrate&Stress) for Android

StressViewer(Heartrate&Stress) for Android 1.0.9

!!! Mobile Stress Measuring Application !!!By using Smartphone's camera and flash, this app measures heart rate,stress level and autonomic nerve balance. This ...

$1.87 · 2014-06-02 · 809k · 1,000 - 5,000 $1.87
BLE Heart rate variability for Android

BLE Heart rate variability for Android 1.0

BLE Heart rate variability demo Bluetooth low energy (Smart) Heart rate variability sensor demo app for AndroidThis app searches for nearby BLE devices and conne...

FREE · 2014-04-01 · 47k · 100 - 500 FREE
CSR Heart Rate for Android

CSR Heart Rate for Android 1.0

View reported pulse information as RR-interval and beats per minute values as well as expended energy.

FREE · 2014-02-11 · 791k · 1,000 - 5,000 FREE
BodyTells for Android

BodyTells for Android 1.0

Every body tells us a story. BodyTells is a simple and innovative tool which enables you to measure your heart rate and other vital signs anywhere and anytime you want...

FREE · 2014-03-08 · 934k · 500 - 1,000 FREE
BLE Heart Rate Recorder for Android

BLE Heart Rate Recorder for Android V1.6.4

- gps tracking with address resolving for geocodes, formula for calories - new feature for gps tracking with recording and storage into file(incl. BPM values)-...

FREE · 2014-12-09 · 1.4M · 1,000 - 5,000 FREE
Alirus ECG for Android

Alirus ECG for Android 1.0.3

The Alirus ECG is a portable ECG that fits in the palm of your hand, weighs 40g, enables secure telecardiology and is powered by your Android smartphone or tablet! You...

FREE · 2014-12-12 · 8.3M · 50 - 100 FREE