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Tamil Holy Bible with Audio for Android

Tamil Holy Bible with Audio for Android 0.0.1

The HOLY BIBLE contains the mind of God, the state of man, the way of salvation, the doom of sinners, and the happiness of believers. Its doctrines are holy, its prece...

FREE · 2015-04-21 · 4.1M · 10 - 50 FREE
i-Menu for Android

i-Menu for Android 1.1

i-Menu! Facilidade e conveniência para você!Os melhores restaurantes de Porto Alegre em um único delivery.Há 15 anos no mercado, além dos pedidos via Call Center e sit...

FREE · 2015-04-17 · 3.2M · 10 - 50 FREE
Pizzeria Venezia Arad for Android

Pizzeria Venezia Arad for Android 1.2

Pizzeria Venezia s-a infiintat in anul 1996, in Germania, iar din anul 2009 s-a deschis si in Arad.Ne adresam iubitorilor de pizza, paste si baghete din Arad, cu un me...

FREE · 2015-03-02 · 2.5M · 10 - 50 FREE
T.T.Timme for Android

T.T.Timme for Android 4.675

Jetzt gibt es Pool Profi von der t.t.timme Schwimmbad Sauna Solarium GmbH als offizielle App für's Smartphone! Alle Neuigkeiten, Fotos, Veranstaltungen und Termine...

FREE · 2015-04-17 · 7.9M · 10 - 50 FREE
Probikes El Salvador for Android

Probikes El Salvador for Android 0.0.2

ServiciosProgramacion Mantenimiento

FREE · 2015-02-27 · 8.6M · 10 - 50 FREE
Kayokoko Swimwear for Android

Kayokoko Swimwear for Android 1.0.2

Kayokoko Swimwear smart phone app!A one-stop shop for all things style and fashion, offers the best selection of swimwear, lingerie and activewear...

FREE · 2015-04-21 · 1.4M · 5 - 10 FREE
Aneka Jenis Batu Cincin for Android

Aneka Jenis Batu Cincin for Android 1.0

Aplikasi ini menerangkan tentang Aneka Jenis Batu Cincinnama batujenis batumitos batu

FREE · 2015-04-21 · 2.2M · 5 - 10 FREE
สูตรอาหารเจ สูตรอาหารไทย for Android

สูตรอาหารเจ สูตรอาหารไทย for Android 1.0

ประเพณีถือศีลกินเจหรือกินเจซึ่งเป็นพิธียันตรกรรมบูชาที่ยิ่งใหญ่ที่สุด โดยอาศัยพระแม่แห่งดวงดาวมารีจี ในแบบของพระพุทธศาสนานิกายมหายาน แต่ในทางลัทธิเต๋าเรียกว่า เต้าโบ้ห...

FREE · 2015-02-24 · 3.5M · 100 - 500 FREE
Buttn for Android

Buttn for Android 1.0.1

Con Buttn puedes controlar tus electrodomésticos desde el lugar que quieras con un solo toque, además te permite saber el consumo de los mismos y saber si están encend...

FREE · 2015-04-19 · 1.9M · FREE
Pretty Quotes for Love for Android

Pretty Quotes for Love for Android 1.0

Cute love quotes app is a fine selection of best quotes.Quotes are wise words which are inspirational and motivational. They can also be happy, sad, cute or funny. You...

FREE · 2015-04-06 · 7.3M · 1 - 5 FREE
Hookah for Android

Hookah for Android 4.1.2

Grupo Hookah te trae una herramienta simple pero realmente útil, destinada a ayudarte y enterarte de nuestras mejores promociones y descuentos día con día, al igual qu...

FREE · 2015-04-22 · 6.2M · FREE
beauty life for Android

beauty life for Android 13.0

Sie lieben die schönen Dinge des Lebens? Sie wollen immer über die neusten Trends aus der Welt der Düfte und Kosmetik informiert sein?Dann wird Ihnen die «beauty life»...

FREE · 2015-04-08 · 3.9M · 1 - 5 FREE
KC Peanut Mojhy for Android

KC Peanut Mojhy for Android 1.774

Learn to make tasty recipes with ★ Kitchen Cat ★ on your Android phone.Show off your new culinary talents and impress the people you love.Recipes are presented as a se...

FREE · 2012-09-05 · 6.2M · 1 - 5 FREE
Aguas Movil Clientes for Android

Aguas Movil Clientes for Android 1.0.0

Aguas Móvil Clientes ofrece de forma fácil y gratuita una gestión centralizada de todos sus contratos, ahora podrás gestionar las facturas, ver gráficas de consumos, c...

FREE · 2015-04-17 · 24M · 10 - 50 FREE
Durga Chalisa in Hindi for Android

Durga Chalisa in Hindi for Android 1.0

Durga (दुर्गा), meaning "the invincible" is the principal form of the Goddess, also known as Devi and Shakti in Hinduism.Durga is one of the most worshiped g...

FREE · 2015-04-19 · 2.3M · 1 - 5 FREE